Friday, May 8, 2015

Book Review: "Angels Fall" (Nora Roberts)

Reece Gilmore, once on her way to stardom as a celebrated chef, has almost no idea how she landed in Angel's Fist, Wyoming ... tiny, tiny town surrounded by mountains and populated with some of the most eccentric people she's ever met.

She only knows she's been running from her past for a long time, and maybe now, it's time to pause. She takes a job at a local diner, despite frequent clashes of opinion between her and the owner of the diner, and leases an apartment on a short-term basis, and starts to feel maybe at home, especially when she befriends a coworker at the diner and then meets Brody, an irreverent, rude, gruff writer who prefers solitude to company (until he meets her).

And then, just as she's getting comfortable, she's out on a hike alone when she witnesses a murder. By the time she gets law enforcement back to the spot, there's no evidence. After that, odd things start to happen, making everyone around her believe she's losing her mind. Before long, even Reece thinks she's going crazy ... 

For a timeless romance with more than one suspenseful, thriller-type twist, I highly recommend Nora Roberts's Angels Fall.

Many romances are relatively predictable, given that the basic formula never changes. Even adding a twist like suspense as a sub-genre is often not enough to drag a romance out of feeling mundane and same-old, same-old. Therefore, it takes an expert author to take a romance novel to the next level.

Roberts is one such author, and Angels Fall, one such work.

The characters in the novel are what truly make the story unexpected, unique, intriguing, and beautiful. Reece is a study in contradictions, from independence, certainty, and the willingness to take risks, to fear, uncertainty, and heartbreaking hesitation. She has a healthy sense of self-preservation, perhaps more so than most, but struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder, among other things, as a result of the trauma she experienced.

She's a stunning example of heroism, strength, and courage, and, as such, a more than worthwhile protagonist with whom to fall in love through an entire novel.

Her counterpart, Brody, is as unusual as she is. Juxtaposed against Reece's neuroses, Brody is the picture of steadfast rationality, cool cynicism, and solitude-loving loner, mostly unsocial and wholly unpredictable in a refreshing, almost comfortable way. His snark and attitude, evident through his one-liners and the firm command he wields over each situation he faces, are startlingly endearing.

As compelling as it is insightful and well-written, Angels Fall is one love story you won't forget.

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Author: Nora Roberts
Title: Angels Fall
ISBN: 0-399-15372-1
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