Friday, April 3, 2015

Guest Post: A Resistance Poem

The whole of April is National Poetry Month! (It's also National Autism Awareness Month, and National Child Abuse Awareness Month, among other things.)

For those of you who poem (yes, it's a verb in my world) I highly encourage you to check out Robert Lee Brewer's "Poem a Day Challenge" for this month, through Writer's Digest. Each day of the month, he posts a poetry prompt. It's a fantastic way to get into a routine of writing every day, and an excellent means with which to test out poetry to see whether you'd like to dabble more in that genre.

Every Friday this month, then, I'm turning over my post to my sister, Katharine. She's an award-winning author of short stories, an up-and-coming poet, and a passionate advocate for children with autism and other special needs. I'm featuring one of her original poems every Friday this month to celebrate poetry.


# # #

Today's is a free-form, non-rhyming poem with a surprise twist at the end. Read on ... 

A Resistance Poem

Every step of the way
You fight me. Refusing
To allow either of us to
Get hurt, I grimly hang
On as you resist me.

You are fighting so very
Desperately for freedom,
Yet -- I resist the obvious
Temptation to let you go.
You continue to fight.

I respect your tenacity, as
You continuously resist my
Strong arms and try to flee
Me to your supposed safety.
I can't let you go on like this.

I know you'll hate me for it,
But in the end, maybe, just
Maybe, you'll come to thank
Me for not allowing you to
Win this power struggle.

And someday, I know that
You will learn to comply
With my requests, to stop
Resisting the urge to fight me,
And sit in your spot at circle.

(Katharine A. Trupkiewicz, 2015)

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