Friday, April 24, 2015

Guest Post: A Moment Poem

And to close the month of April, during which we've celebrated poetry by showcasing the original free-form work of my award-winning short story author and eclectic poet sister Katharine Trupkiewicz, here is her final contribution. Follow the themed words (second, hours, wait) and increasingly breathless verbs (ceases, drops, draws, takes, opens) through the poem as, line by line, she builds to and slows in one beautiful moment.

A Moment Poem

That second in time,
When all else ceases
To exist. When all
Other people vanish
And you are left there,
Staring into his eyes
As he drops to his knee,
Draws the velvet box
From his pocket, takes
Your hand in his, and
Opens the box to show
You the ring that, with
Hours and hours of
Painstaking time and
Indecision, he chose to
Put on your hand for the
Rest of your life. You
Draw in your breath,
Wait for those words that
Every little girl has dreamt
Of since they were four
Years old, and, when they
Come, the four simple
Words that change your
Life forever, "Will you
Marry me?" your heart
Ceases to beat for just a
Moment, and you open
Your mouth and say that
One simple word. The
Word that takes only a
Single second to say, yet
Carries with it the changes
That last a lifetime: Yes.

(Katharine A. Trupkiewicz, 2015)

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