Friday, April 17, 2015

Guest Post: An Honest Poem

Halfway through the month of April (give or take a couple of days) and I invite you to enjoy another original poem by award-winning short story author and poet Katharine Trupkiewicz.

Meanwhile, celebrate National Poetry Month in whatever way is most meaningful to you. Carry a poem in your pocket and reread it periodically. Check out a book of poetry by your favorite poet to read. Read poems to your kids at the breakfast or dinner table (I recommend Jack Prelutsky). Or try your hand at writing a poem. Remember the forms you learned in school: haiku, diamante, rhymed, non-rhymed ... ?

Read on here for Katharine's non-rhyming poem on the subject of honesty ... or the results of a situation in which someone chooses to be dishonest, instead.

# # #

An Honest Poem

To be honest, I have
No idea what I ever
Saw in you. Having
Seen, from a distance,
What others saw up
Close, and tried to
Tell me ... I can't
Believe that I wasted
The time that I did on
You, moping and crying.

I should have known
Better than to expect
Honesty from you, after
All ... that isn't your MO.
The entire summer I spent,
Deliriously and happily
Being deceived. Refusing
To see the obvious signs
Of your dishonesty, the
Obvious signs of her.

And now that I have
Gotten out of that bad
Situation, I can see that
What you did to me was
Completely deceptive.
You led me astray, telling
Me lies, both blatantly and
Subtly. Why couldn't you
Just have manned up in the
Beginning and told the truth?

(Katharine A. Trupkiewicz, 2015)

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