Friday, April 10, 2015

Guest Post: A Departure Poem

Welcome back Katharine Trupkiewicz, award-winning author of short stories and gifted poet, as we celebrate National Poetry Month. (For more ways to celebrate, check out this article from the Academy of American Poets.)

Today's poem is another free-form, non-rhyming poem (perhaps you're seeing a trend) on the theme of departure. Note her consistent use of the words "to" and "time" to tie the other lines together.

A Departure Poem

A thousand details to
See to. Way too much
To do and not enough
Time to do it in. Time
Ticks away as the set
Departure time quickly
Approaches, but the to-
Do list grows ever longer.
The trip will be worth it,
But until departure time
Comes, insanity reigns.

(Katharine A. Trupkiewicz, 2015)

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