Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Book Review: "The Irish Born Trilogy" (Nora Roberts)

Nora Roberts is perhaps the best-known romance author of our times. She has dozens of books to her credit, ranging from romantic suspense to contemporary romance.

One of the reasons she is so beloved an author is that she immerses herself in the subject matter about which she writes for each book and series. With Carolina Moon and Midnight Bayou, for instance, she delved into the Deep South and all the cultural and social mores associated therewith. In her In the Garden Trilogy, featuring Blue Dahlia, Black Rose, and Red Lily, she wrote about several aspects of the wedding planning industry.

Allow me, then, to introduce to you an epic trilogy set in the green wilds of Ireland, featuring the sweeping romances of three women: The Irish Born Trilogy.

First in the series is Born in Fire, whose heroine is a fiery Irish artist in intricate glass work and whose counterpart is the level-headed businessman looking to work around her reclusive nature and bring her artwork into his galleries.

The second book in the series, Born in Ice, follows the romance of a reserved, courteous innkeeper lady and the temperamental, creative author who reserves room, long-term, in her bed-and-breakfast to get his novel written.

Finally, the series concludes with Born in Shame, with an American woman who had no idea she had an Irish heritage and an Irish-born and -bred farmer who has known her almost his entire life ... through dreams.

Written with all the sensuous passion that is one of Roberts's trademarks, the trilogy is composed of one of the most varied and intricately woven cast of characters I've seen. The Irish landscape she describes is so real you can feel the damp air around you as you read.

And the mannerisms of the Irish --- their endearingly welcoming outlook, the tendency they have to curse every other word, their love of the land and the country, the pub as the central meeting point in town --- are so vividly and accurately portrayed, it's as though Roberts hails from Ireland, herself.

If you like your romances seamlessly well-researched, refreshingly unpredictable, and with a smoldering but not overly explicit heat level, The Irish Born Trilogy would be an excellent series to add to your collection.

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Author: Nora Roberts
Title: Born in Fire (#1)
Series: The Irish Born Trilogy
ISBN: 978-0-425-26609-0
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Title: Born in Ice (#2)
Series: The Irish Born Trilogy
ISBN: 978-0-425-26610-6
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Title: Born in Shame (#3)
Series: The Irish Born Trilogy
ISBN: 978-0-425-26611-3
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