Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Book Review: "Sneaking Candy" (Lisa Burstein)

Hoping beyond hope to become a known creative writer, Candice Salinas starts as a graduate student at the University of Miami. To be taken seriously by her professors and impossible-to-stand academic advisor, though, she has to hide her alternate identity. She is also Candy Sloane, who self-publishes erotic romance novels to help pay her way through school.

And there's more to the secret: she's never felt more like a successful writer, or more capable as a writer, than when she's publishing as Candy Sloan. Somehow, the "serious" literary work expected of her as a creative writing student just doesn't do it for her.

Still, college is a time for young people to spread their wings and try things they normally might not try out in the "real" world, so when Candice runs into James Walker at the local coffee shop, she likes what she sees and decides to branch out of her traditionalist mindset and borrow a few maneuvers from Candy's persona. When she finds out that James is actually one of her students, though, things get even more complicated, and it doesn't take long before her secret isn't a secret any longer.

Author Lisa Burstein writes an exquisite work of New Adult romance in Sneaking Candy, part of Entangled Publishing's Embrace imprint. A fascinating premise; a cast of quirky, likable characters; and all the coming-of-age nuances of the up-and-coming New Adult genre will keep readers turning pages from start to finish.

Candice, in particular, is a memorable voice, as she tells her story with self-deprecating humor and a burgeoning sense of her own responsibilities as an adult and talents as a creative writer. James is nearly her perfect nemesis, in a contrary antagonist type of way.

And the sexual tension and fireworks between the two ... let's just say readers of today's popular erotica won't be disappointed.

For a more-than-worthwhile read, check it out!

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Author: Lisa Burstein
Title: Sneaking Candy
ISBN: 978-1-62266-237-1
Purchase here:

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