Friday, February 6, 2015

Book Review: "Chasing Desire" (Joya Ryan)

Sometimes it takes losing everything you thought you had secure to realize that you needed a different kind of security altogether.

Autumn Lane is an out-of-work mechanic, house-sitting for a friend while she figures out what to do next. Having been betrayed and abandoned by the two people in her life she should have been able to trust, she's prickly, distrustful, and determined not to get tied down. Her one-night stand with a stranger on her first night in town should have been just that ... one night. Instead, she's stirred up a hornet's nest.

Huck Galvin's friend needs him to babysit the friend's houseguest while he and his new wife celebrate their honeymoon. Huck doesn't really want anything to do with it, having been badly burned by the love of his life once before ... until he realizes that Autumn is the nameless woman with whom he had a one-night stand. For some reason, even though he's not the committing kind and Autumn doesn't seem interested in staying beyond her house-sitting gig, he can't stand the thought of being without her.

Chasing Desire, by Joya Ryan, debuts from Entangled Publishing's Brazen imprint on February 16. Ryan writes real, hurting characters into impossible situations, maintaining tension throughout and making the reader wonder whether the romance will actually end well, which is a nice twist to an often simplistic genre.

If you're not big on sex scenes, you should look elsewhere for your entertainment. The sexual tension between Autumn and Huck is scintillating, and the physical scenes between them are hot, enticing, and eye-opening, expanding the reader's understanding of the characters and their fears and personalities ... the mark of a master author.

From the quick-paced dialogue (love those snarky comebacks!) to the well-rounded cast of supportive secondary characters right down to the very last page, you'll laugh, cry, worry, and hope over and on behalf of these characters.

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Author: Joya Ryan
Title: Chasing Desire
Publisher: Brazen (Entangled Publishing)
ISBN: 978-1-63375-216-0
Pre-order here:

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this work from the publisher in exchange for an honest, though not necessarily positive, review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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