Monday, January 26, 2015

The Top Five: Best Writing-Related Articles from January 19-23

5. "The Secret Philosophy of Language: Searching for the Origins of Human Thought" on (Daniel Cloud)

Linguistics is a fascinating field of study, and delving into it, even with a few expert articles, provides all kinds of fodder for inspiration, conversation, discussion, and debate. This post brings to the table a historical context for the origin of words, including perspectives from philosophers as far back as Plato.

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4. "How to Blog If You Don't Have Time" on

Not every author these days is delighted with the prospect of social media and maintaining a platform (check out this insightful and thought-provoking post by Ksenia Anske on the topic) but for those who still hunger to grow an audience according to the traditionally espoused model, this post provides practical guidance.

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3. "Historical Thesaurus Reveals How 800,000 English Words Have Evolved" on (Victoria Woollaston)

Another foray into the world of linguistics. This post introduces an historical thesaurus that goes back in time to trace the etymology of hundreds of thousands of words in the English language. Ever heard of a "hoddypeak" or a "wattle-head"? Find out the meanings here!

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2. "7 Things Being an Editor Taught Me About Being an Author" on (Chris Pavone)

From editor to author is not so far a leap in the literary world, and when done correctly, the switch gives such authors an opportunity to put to work everything they learned when on the other side of the submission desk. Author Chris Pavone is no exception to the rule.

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1. "The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2015" on (Carrie Smith)

Looking for inspiration? Expert guidance? An online community? Freelancing resources? Look no further than this comprehensive list, updated annually. It's divided into convenient categories so you can go straight to what you need the most (although reading through the whole list once might open your eyes to resources you never realized you needed!).

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And there you have it: the lineup for last week. What sticks out to you? What's most helpful? What was most entertaining?

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