Friday, January 30, 2015

Flash Fiction Challenge: Must Contain Three Things

Thanks, as always, to Chuck Wendig for his unique writing prompts. Always something inspirational there!

This week's prompt was about including three things (one from of each of three different lists, selected with a random number generator) in the story.

My numbers garnered me poison, true love, and resurrection to use.


# # #

Love Among Tomatoes


Lacy mixed arsenic with water and sprayed it over the tomato plants. “Worms,” she said, when Jack asked what she was doing.

He stared at one of the plants, with its shriveled yellow leaves. “Worms did that?”

“That’s what I said.” She sprayed the next plant.

He hesitated. “I have to get to a meeting, but I was going to ask if you wanted—”

“No thanks.”


She shrugged.


After a week, Jack found Lacy in the garden again, on her knees among the tomato plants. Her hands were caked with mulch. “They look greener,” he said.

She sat back on her heels and rested her hands on her thighs. “It’s a slow process.”

“Can I pick you up tonight?”

“What for?”

“I’m giving a presentation at the convention center.”

No thanks.” She went back to her mulch.


In another month, Lacy returned home from the grocery in the late morning. She climbed out of her car, loaded her arms with grocery bags, turned to go inside, and pulled up short.

Jack was squatting in her garden.

She pushed open the gate and went to stand over him.

“Hey, the shade feels good,” Jack said.

“What are you doing?”

“Weeding.” His hands were muddy, and there was a streak of dirt on his face.

“Oh.” Nonplussed, Lacy studied him, then the pile of weeds beside him.

“The tomatoes came back.” He ripped another trailing bindweed plant out of the ground and dropped it on the pile. “Got a minute?”

“I guess.”

In the span of her next breath, he knelt facing her, now with a blue velvet box in his smeared hands. “Marry me?”

She smiled. “Weed my garden?”

“Any time you need.”

# # #

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