Thursday, January 15, 2015

Book Review: "Ten Tiny Breaths" (K.A. Tucker)

The new New Adult genre is quickly growing to become a very popular fiction subset, and with good reason. There's an entire generation of readers (ages 18-25 going through all their first experiences in school, career, independence, and relationships) hungry for writing that speaks directly to them.

Enter Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker.

Kacey Cleary moves with her younger sister Livie to an apartment in Miami to start over after their parents and Kacey's best friend and boyfriend are killed in a horrific car accident that left Kacey scarred and scared. She's determined not to lose Livie and to do everything possible to make their new life work, despite her inexperience on her own.

Despite her reticence, Kacey finds herself warming up to several of the other tenants: kindhearted single-mother stripper and her young daughter; the unconventional but surprisingly helpful landlord; and the sexy, secretive guy in the apartment next door. When Trent Emerson reveals a terrible secret to her, Kacey's world comes apart once again, and this time, she might not have enough strength to rebuild it a second time.

Ten Tiny Breaths features all the hallmarks of the New Adult genre: young protagonist, without a lot of worldly experience, trying out independence for the first time, redefining family and love and trust on her own. Kacey is a bitter, cynical, negative person with what she'd probably call a realistic outlook on life, and yet her love for her sister Livie, the only important person in her life she didn't lose in the car accident, softens her rough edges and makes her really easy to relate to.

Meanwhile, the three-dimensional cast of unique, contrary secondary characters --- from Storm, the sweet single mother who works as a stripper to take care of her enchanting daughter Mia, to Trent, Kacey's love interest from the next apartment, who vacillates between tender consideration and innuendo-filled comments that set her blood boiling (with desire, not anger) --- rounds out an intriguing premise and plot. You won't find any conventional stereotypes here.

But if you're looking for a real-life look from a new adult's perspective on life, love, betrayal, trust, and healing, I'd like to recommend Ten Tiny Breaths very highly. You won't be disappointed.

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Author: K.A. Tucker
Title: Ten Tiny Breaths
ISBN: 978-1-4767-4032-4
Purchase here:

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