Thursday, October 9, 2014

Book Review: "Goals!" (Brian Tracy)

Let's suppose, hypothetically, that you've never felt like you manage to finish a task.

Or you have a lot of dreams and hopes, but they never seem to come to fruition.

Or you spend a lot of time working, and you have no idea what you're getting out of working so much because you don't really know what you're working toward.

Or you look around at where other people are and think that maybe you just lack the education, or the potential, or the drive, or the passion, or the work ethic to make it like they did.

But what if you could tackle life in such a way that you knew you couldn't fail? You'd succeed at whatever you put your hand to? You knew exactly why you show up at work every morning, precisely what you're working toward, and definitively how soon you're going to achieve success?

Brian Tracy, entrepreneur, businessman, and author of Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want --- Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible, may be the answer to the problem. Tracy recounts his own experience working a number of different jobs but never really getting anywhere, until he started to conduct research into the lives of top-performing business types in the field. Patterns began to emerge.

From those patterns, Tracy gleaned seven key elements of setting goals and twelve steps anyone can take to establish goals and achieve them. This book is his recounting of all of that information, which he frequently presents in person to huge audiences.

The book certainly provides a number of useful reminders about how to set goals based on your own personal value system and priorities. Tracy recommends things like "becoming an expert in your field" (Chapter 11) and talks about time management skills and persistence. For someone looking for a guide to take his or her life in a different direction, Tracy's book is as good as any.

The message may or may not jive with some readers, who will have been schooled that the definition of "greatness" is not necessarily monetary and professional success.

It may also not align with those who don't necessarily believe that you make your own luck, and you define your own greatness by how hard you're willing to work. Sometimes, hard work and dedication don't necessarily provide you with precisely the goals you had in mind. Sometimes, you find out that the goals you had in mind all along weren't really good for you.

Nevertheless, Tracy is a charismatic presenter of information, and the book is worth a read if you're looking to glean some ideas on how to set and take action on your goals.

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Title: Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want --- Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible
Author: Brian Tracy
ISBN: 978-1605094113
Purchase here:

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